Sonnet 1

Posted in Rocket Powered Stuff by Rocket Boy Gid on June 26, 2009

Must I present myself in such a state
and brave your brightness with unworthy words?
Without effects, must I remain and wait?
Or seize the opportunity, converse?
What shame! I have not many glorious robes
to even match the glory of your skin!
No rings; no handkerchiefs as white as doves;
no thing to capture your attention in.
Except in one where my faith lies the most,
that which no man may dare to trespass on.
My wish, you take this measure that I boast:
my mind, the only treasure that I don.
And yet your eyes display only despair,
my heart and mind, they rend beyond repair.

I wrote this sonnet for a class and nearly forgotten it.

Luckily, a good friend of mine reminded me of it so now it’s here for all the world to see.

This is one of the first sonnets I ever wrote so tell me what you think.

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