Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

Posted in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Finger! by Rocket Boy Gid on May 24, 2012

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

So recently, I’ve unearthed an old (from 2004) PC game of mine called “Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom” from Impression and Breakaway Games. It’s a city-building game similar to Sim City. I’ve played other city-building games before from the same companies and they’re really pretty awesome so I want to share this with you.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (Emperor:ROTMK) is set in ancient China. The histories are pretty accurate so you learn geeky bits from ancient Chinese history if, you know, you’re into that sort of stuff. Me? You bet I’m into that.

The game starts off at 2038 BCE during the very early beginning of the Xia Dynasty. These parts are the tutorial parts so I just breeze through them easily. The next few posts will be about my adventures at learning Chinese history! Let’s go!

P.S. If you want to check the game out, click here. It’s an old school game, so don’t expect too much on the graphics department but it’s still one of the best games ever!


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