Learning the Game: The Xia Dynasty (Part I)

Posted in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Finger! by Rocket Boy Gid on May 24, 2012

This is probably going to be like a walkthrough for the game and you can use it as that.

I made up a fictional Chinese name for myself in the game and it’s Liao Taizu and his zodiac animal is the Serpent.

Begin your journey into ancient China here, with these simple tutorial missions. It is here, in the time of the prehistoric Xia Dynasty, that our people first learned to work the land for sustenance and shelter. To prevent stumbles later, travel now down the path of the Xia. Listen closely, and learn all that our venerated ancestors have to teach us…

Follow Liao Taizu as he and his descendants witness the birth of the Middle Kingdom!

Hit the jump for detailed info.


Banpo – February 2038 BCE


  • 150 people in Plain Cottage or better

Welcome to ancient China, home to the world’s oldest continuous civilization. You are about to travel back in time over four thousand years! For it was then, along the fertile banks of the Wei River, that several families banded together, discarded their nomads’ cloaks, and established a small settlement.

As village elder, it is your duty to plan the layout of this new settlement. You will be called upon to provide your people with food and water, as well as a means to slake their spiritual thirst.

We start off at the village of Banpo along the River Wei. These tutorials are pretty easy even on the Very Hard difficulty level. All you have to do is listen to the narrator and read the messages. The game’s currency is called cash and you are given 1600 (2000 on Normal difficulty) for this first mission. If you don’t know what something is, just right-click on it, and an info panel will pop up and tell you what it is.

First, you have to assign plots of land for housing. After you do this, immigrants will arrive and build Shelters. The plots of land cost 22 (15 on Normal) each. The way it works is like this: houses start off as unoccupied plots of land. When people move in, they build houses on the land.

As their leader, you have to give them food, clothes, jobs and a lot of other things so your village becomes happier and better. When you give them what they need, the houses “evolve” into better living conditions, which then invites more people to your village.

The first things Shelters would need is water from a Well because they’re really thirsty from lugging their family and belongings all around the place. When you give them water, the Shelters become Huts, which has space for 7 more people .

Besides water, you’re also going to want to make sure your people are safe. Their houses apparently aren’t very sound structures because they’re constantly in danger of catching fire and collapsing. To keep this from happening, you have to build an Inspector’s Tower which will “produce” an Inspector. This guy walks around and inspects your city for risks. Inspectors are your friends and you always want them walking around your city keeping buildings in tip-top shape. Respect the guy in the brown uniform!

April 2038 BCE – Immigrants are settling in Huts while the dutiful Inspector and the refreshing Water Carrier keep Banpo safe and happy.

Great! Now that your people are settled in, it’s time to put them to work.  More people means more workers and that’s usually a good thing – too much unemployment causes riots and general unrest and we don’t want that; too little workers make buildings and industries inefficient and we don’t want that either. The key is balancing the number of workers needed and the number of buildings you plan on having. Almost all buildings in your village need workers. The only ones that don’t are housing, monuments and decorative structures. Inspector’s Towers need 5 workers to provide perfect coverage. Wells need 4.

June 2038 BCE – My Hunters doing their best to feed the village.

The next thing your village needs is food. For now, you can only hunt for food. If you’ve looked around your city, you’ll notice some really nice looking wild pheasants roaming around just waiting to be roasted. Place some Hunter’s Tents (probably around 2) so Hunters can go out and, well, hunt. When they see a bird, they’ll shoot it and return it to their tents.

You will also need a place to store food and that’s what Mills are for so go ahead and place one. Mills can store up to 8 different kinds of food. They’re pretty important and you don’t want them to suddenly catch fire or collapse so don’t forget to put an Inspector’s Tower nearby. Don’t worry about your Hunter’s Tents, they don’t need inspection. By the way, the Inspector “walkers” your Tower produces have a tendency to wander off roads into unwanted places. You can control their paths using Roadblocks.

After placing your Mill, you’ll need a place to distribute the food to your people and there’s no better place to do this than in a Market Square.

Marketplaces are like the center of your city activity. This is where shops are going to be opened up and where performers like acrobats and musicians are found.

August 2038 BCE – Food Shop Now Open!

There are generally two kinds of Market Squares. The Common Market Square only has space for 4 shops. The Grand Market Square has space for 6 and that’s what I usually go for. The bigger market square isn’t available yet so we’ll have to make do with the smaller one.

When you have enough meat, open up a Food Shop which will then send someone to buy food from the mill and return it to the shop. They’ll cook it there and have a Peddler deliver it to the houses.

September 2036 BCE – “The people have not been paying proper respects to our Ancestors. The city may suffer misfortune.” -Diviner

After getting your people fed, they’ll begin to feel pretty meaningless. As their leader, it’s your duty to give their existence a purpose and they way to do it is to introduce religion. Ancient Chinese people worship their ancestors so opening up a shrine to these Ancestral Gods would totally “slake your people’s spiritual thirst.”

The shrines will produce a new kind of walker – The Diviner. Her job is to go around and remind the people to continue praying and worshiping the Ancestral Gods – and for good reason. The Ancestors have been known to cause earthquakes, droughts and floods among other things.

When your people have full bellies and satisfied spirits, they’ll have enough motivation to do some overall housing makeover and turn their Huts into beautiful Plain Cottages.

Plain Cottages hold 22 people each. The objective says you need 150 to win so you’ll want to have at least 7 of these babies in Banpo. I built 2 additional houses so I can maintain 2 Hunter’s Tents at full employment. After this, victory comes pretty quickly.

Keep reading my blog for more of my Rocket Powered Adventures in ancient China! This is Rocketboy Gid, err, I mean Liao Taizu signing off!


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