A Big Woot For Global Warming Skeptics

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Have you ever seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore? One of my professors back in film school made me watch it and I have to admit it was pretty convincing. Yeah, if you’re a stupid narrow-minded idiot who jumps at conclusions based on second-hand information! Ha!

Last November, the UK’s top climate research facility, the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit was breached by an unknown identity where tons of information including e-mails and documents were leaked onto the Internet exposing possible corruption of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) data. Apparently, the earth is not warming up. It’s actually cooling down and so the brilliant scientists at CRU decided to do a little “trick” to meddle with the findings a little bit in order to maintain the current global warming hysteria.

Excerpt from one of the e-mails: “I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that humans and their CO2 emissions are not causing climate change, therefore the whole idea of AGW is a massive lie. Here’s the thing: as far as I’m concerned, climate change is a natural phenomenon. In case you haven’t noticed, the climate is always changing and therefore reducing our carbon footprint because of it is big bag of bullshit. So why do the Western overlords want the whole world to believe this whole ‘man-made’ global warming agenda? And how the hell does this issue affect ordinary people like you and I?

Cute polar bear makes my head explode!

Image from

There’s a lot of possible motives, actually, although I don’t want to discuss those. I only want to discuss why this issue matters (if at all) to us.

Firstly, the people who live in highly developed countries, i.e. the First World, all seem to advocate AGW and the ‘going green’ movement. A lot of corporations have invested millions in reducing their carbon emissions and an entire industry was built around it. In fact, these same countries, with the help of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), have restricted the less developed countries of the world to use industries which might worsen global warming. In simpler terms, the First World is preventing the Third World from achieving any industrialization and progress all for the sake of environmental awareness.

Well, I’m being unfair. The First World isn’t really preventing progress in the Third World. In fact, they’re all for it, I think. That’s why they want these poor countries to use renewable sources of energy to fuel their operations instead. The cruelty arises from the fact that renewable energy like solar and wind power are very expensive. So basically, they’re telling dirt-poor people that they can’t have electricity unless they buy expensive and unreliable technology. So they’re not 100% cruel. They’re probably just 90% cruel. You know what, thinking about how people in Africa are dying in hospitals because medical equipment cannot function without electricity, I think it’s more like 98% cruel. So yeah.

Secondly, I just hate the fact that science have been corrupted by politics to the extent that they’ve resorted to falsifying, modifying and generally manipulating observed data. Science is the only thing I believe in and now I’m finding out it does not really transcend politics. It’s just so disillusioning. Anyway, moving on…

I’m not saying you guys should now start “lootin’ and pollutin’” (obscure cartoon reference ftw) just because global warming is a hoax. We should still take care of our environment. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t hinder other people’s lives just because a bunch of whales or polar bears are dying. Last time I checked, human life is more valuable than any of those endangered species combined.

In conclusion, global warming is real. It happens. The earth heats up. It’s all natural. But thinking that humans are behind it and that we should then let the rest of the world live a Stone Age-esque existence because of this belief means you’re a Nazi and you deserve a horrible, painful and slow death. Not convinced? Google “climategate”.

I wonder how Richard Gutierrez, Mr. I’m-the-Philippine-Environmental-Champion, would comment about this. Meh, what does it matter? He’s just a pretty face reading from an idiot board.

AGW is not cool, but you definitely are, so learn more facts first before making any judgment, and continue reading my blog for more Rocket Powered Stuff from around the world!



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This week has been all about money. My family had money problems. I discovered I’ve ran out of money. Even the Desperate Housewives episode is all about money. So with all the hints the universe have been clearly dropping, I’ve decided to finally write a post about money, which in and of itself can be considered the honor of being Rocket Powered Stuff, simply because money is so awesome.

Is money that scary?

I’m going go to go ahead and assume that you would be lying if you said you didn’t need money. Everyone needs money. The only people who I think is really detached from money are bushmen from Africa or really obscure hill tribes in Central Asia, but even they have some sort of standard of exchange of goods, which I guess can still be considered money. Even rich people need money, they just don’t notice it because they’ve got plenty (jerks). The thing about it is it’s usually a taboo topic.

People don’t go around discussing how much money they have or how much money they can make. While I think Filipinos are tactless about certain stuff like commenting about how fat you’ve gotten as casual as if it wouldn’t hurt feelings, they’re still a bit awkward about discussing money with each other. I think it’ll be more acceptable to admit you’re a flaming homo than to talk about money with your friends. It seems like it’s a readily avoided topic, which is totally bullshit since it’s probably the root of all their problems. They’ll make time to discuss useless television celebrities, but they’ll get really awkward if you ask them how much they’re making in their job. I just don’t get it.

I think we should openly talk about money more. I mean we talk openly about sex all the time, why can’t we talk about something that’s actually relevant like money.

My father called us (via Skype, thank you Internet technology) and told us he received an email telling him that somebody saw my grandmother (his mother) walking to the market place. The email reported that when asked why she was walking, my grandmother would answer she didn’t have fare money. It was incredibly disturbing. Before I decided to exile myself in Cavite, I lived with my grandparents in Cainta and I love them so much. I never knew that things were getting financially bad until my father received the email. My grandmother could’ve asked for money from me, I wouldn’t have minded. I’m a single guy and the only contents of my budget are my meals, my laundry and my electric bill (and the occasional movie) and those aren’t really much. I hate the fact that my grandmother couldn’t have saved herself all the money troubles by asking me for some help. She’s MY grandmother! Of course, I’d help her.

I think we should openly talk about money more. I mean we talk openly about sex all the time, why can’t we talk about something that’s actually relevant (and, honestly, more interesting) like money. We all know money is important and that we shouldn’t let it control our lives, I’m not going to elaborate examples discussing that. All I’m saying is that we should be more open about money, our feelings about it, our troubles with it and basically, just how much we sometimes need it.

So clear your convos of useless gossip and talk about money more, and continue reading my blog for more Rocket Powered Stuff from around the world!

Behold The Face of The Revolution

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Around two years ago, I became fascinated with graphics design and I was lucky enough to happen upon an online PDF magazine, which at the time can be considered a mere start-up, showcasing graphic design talents from around the world. RevolutionArt has gone a long way ever since and now, following the release of their 15th issue, Dreams, I’m happy to report that Nelson Medina, the man behind RevolutionArt, have expanded the magazine to include models and music as well.

Maybe some designs are not professional, but some ideas are born with strong passion and conviction. That’s the real value.

“The idea comes from many trips looking for inspiration. Initially the idea was conceived to show creative works oriented to advertisement. But the actual shape was led by the people’s participation,” explains Nelson Medina in my e-mail interview with him. “Revolutionart is a link between different sources of inventiveness and a path for many artists to show their works.

The magazine is open to all artists who has a passion towards the visual arts and is looking for free avenues for exposure. Contributions come from artists from around the world, from Indonesia to Great Britain, and from Japan to Argentina.

Maybe some designs are not professional, but some ideas are born with strong passion and conviction. That’s the real value,” Medina further explains. “Some of the recurrent feelings of the people are disappointment about society. I think they feel oppressed and that’s why Revolutionart touches many subjects to free their thoughts about global issues. It’s great to give some control to change the ‘shallow world’ and impose ‘revolutionary’ concepts… make the people think from a new sight.”

Revolutionart magazine is available for download on their website here once every two months. They usually hold a theme for all the graphics displayed ranging from Politics (Issue #13) to Music, Peace and Love (Issue #5). Currently, the magazine boasts 70,000 subscribers to each edition, majority of which are Europeans and South Americans. The magazine charges nothing for advertisers who wish to put their ads in it, as long as they fit the artistic nature of the rest of the content. Converse, among many others, currently uses the revolutionary platform.

I’m impressed with the results and I love what Revolutionart is by now.

“There are many projects in the future for Revolutionart,” says Medina about the magazine’s future.We’re thinking to develop different brands to make design related services and products. Specially to create a world of imagination, perfect for dreamers.” He also admits that the magazine is open for major changes as long as the meaning of the revolution remains. “I think about myself as a re-builder or a transformer. If I sell Revolutionart, I could make a new one with the team (with more money), new brand, new face but with the same spirit. That spirit can’t be sold.”

Revolutionart’s next issue will be out by January of next year with the timely theme, Global Crisis. If you want to submit your graphic design work, your painting, your photograph, your band, yourself or anything you want to share under the idea Global Crisis, the deadline to make the January issue is on December 15, 2008. More information is available on their website here.

“Real changes are made of disruption, reconstruction, anarchy and self questioning. I’m working on that…” Nelson Medina have worked for corporate advertisers before and have searched for more inspiration. He is currently in Uruguay. “I’m impressed with the results and I love what Revolutionart is by now.”

Now be sure to download RevolutionArt’s current issue, Dreams, and continue reading my blog for more Rocket Powered Stuff from around the world!

Global Crisis Propaganda?

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I saw Winnie Monsod’s segment last night on News on Q about the impending mass lay off on OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) due to the economic crisis the world is currently experiencing. Personally, I thought her views were very hard to believe and somewhat propaganda-ish.

First off, she assured us that 80% of the total OFWs are working in Asia and that Asia is actually doing well in spite of the global financial crunch. China and Japan were unlikely to be greatly affected by this crisis and so Filipino employees in those countries were relatively safe, compared to those who are working for the US or UK. Also, the Middle East, she reports, were showing promising signs of continuous growth and, consequently, our workers there have nothing to worry about. Well, I’ll believe that when my father, who’s employed in Saudi Arabia, finally reassures us that he is safe in his job. There have been rumors in his company of a mass lay off and he’s worried he might be one of those to be let go. This is just like the government to tell the people everything is okay when clearly there are certain things that we need to look forward to and prepare for.

Serbisyong Totoo better begin telling the very real danger OFW families are facing or they’re going to be in for the surprise of their lives.

Next, she also reported that, in case she was incorrect in her predictions, the Department of Overseas Labor and Employment (DOLE) is more than prepared to handle the re-integration of workers who could face the chopping block back into the foreign job fair. She told us that there are thousands of other employment opportunities abroad that the DOLE can dole out for those who were sent back to the motherland. I had to temporarily change the channel because I just couldn’t handle all the bullshit I was being fed but I promptly put her back on again because I was curious to learn more.

Her most disturbing observation of all, the one that led me to doubt her PhD, was when she said Filipinos (just Filipinos), in particular, have high chances of retention with their jobs because of the “malasakit” (compassion) we constantly show our employers. Well it sure makes for a hard decision whether to fire Juan dela Cruz or not especially since he’s so nice to everybody. Screw the global crisis. I am keeping this pleasant employee and I’m replacing everyone with robots who doesn’t form unions and doesn’t demand a raise all the time.

In the face of the economic dilemma the world is facing, how could she possibly think that compassion would play a vital role in the OFW’s struggle to keep his or her job? The entire segment reeks of government propaganda to prevent massive panic amongst the millions of families whose dinners and lifestyles depend on a relative working abroad. I’m going to give Mareng Winnie a chance, though, because I like her. But Serbisyong Totoo better begin telling the very real danger OFW families are facing or they’re going to be in for the surprise of their lives.