Posted in Rocket Powered Stuff by Rocket Boy Gid on February 20, 2009

This week has been all about money. My family had money problems. I discovered I’ve ran out of money. Even the Desperate Housewives episode is all about money. So with all the hints the universe have been clearly dropping, I’ve decided to finally write a post about money, which in and of itself can be considered the honor of being Rocket Powered Stuff, simply because money is so awesome.

Is money that scary?

I’m going go to go ahead and assume that you would be lying if you said you didn’t need money. Everyone needs money. The only people who I think is really detached from money are bushmen from Africa or really obscure hill tribes in Central Asia, but even they have some sort of standard of exchange of goods, which I guess can still be considered money. Even rich people need money, they just don’t notice it because they’ve got plenty (jerks). The thing about it is it’s usually a taboo topic.

People don’t go around discussing how much money they have or how much money they can make. While I think Filipinos are tactless about certain stuff like commenting about how fat you’ve gotten as casual as if it wouldn’t hurt feelings, they’re still a bit awkward about discussing money with each other. I think it’ll be more acceptable to admit you’re a flaming homo than to talk about money with your friends. It seems like it’s a readily avoided topic, which is totally bullshit since it’s probably the root of all their problems. They’ll make time to discuss useless television celebrities, but they’ll get really awkward if you ask them how much they’re making in their job. I just don’t get it.

I think we should openly talk about money more. I mean we talk openly about sex all the time, why can’t we talk about something that’s actually relevant like money.

My father called us (via Skype, thank you Internet technology) and told us he received an email telling him that somebody saw my grandmother (his mother) walking to the market place. The email reported that when asked why she was walking, my grandmother would answer she didn’t have fare money. It was incredibly disturbing. Before I decided to exile myself in Cavite, I lived with my grandparents in Cainta and I love them so much. I never knew that things were getting financially bad until my father received the email. My grandmother could’ve asked for money from me, I wouldn’t have minded. I’m a single guy and the only contents of my budget are my meals, my laundry and my electric bill (and the occasional movie) and those aren’t really much. I hate the fact that my grandmother couldn’t have saved herself all the money troubles by asking me for some help. She’s MY grandmother! Of course, I’d help her.

I think we should openly talk about money more. I mean we talk openly about sex all the time, why can’t we talk about something that’s actually relevant (and, honestly, more interesting) like money. We all know money is important and that we shouldn’t let it control our lives, I’m not going to elaborate examples discussing that. All I’m saying is that we should be more open about money, our feelings about it, our troubles with it and basically, just how much we sometimes need it.

So clear your convos of useless gossip and talk about money more, and continue reading my blog for more Rocket Powered Stuff from around the world!