Behold The Face of The Revolution

Posted in Rocket Powered Stuff by Rocket Boy Gid on November 26, 2008

Around two years ago, I became fascinated with graphics design and I was lucky enough to happen upon an online PDF magazine, which at the time can be considered a mere start-up, showcasing graphic design talents from around the world. RevolutionArt has gone a long way ever since and now, following the release of their 15th issue, Dreams, I’m happy to report that Nelson Medina, the man behind RevolutionArt, have expanded the magazine to include models and music as well.

Maybe some designs are not professional, but some ideas are born with strong passion and conviction. That’s the real value.

“The idea comes from many trips looking for inspiration. Initially the idea was conceived to show creative works oriented to advertisement. But the actual shape was led by the people’s participation,” explains Nelson Medina in my e-mail interview with him. “Revolutionart is a link between different sources of inventiveness and a path for many artists to show their works.

The magazine is open to all artists who has a passion towards the visual arts and is looking for free avenues for exposure. Contributions come from artists from around the world, from Indonesia to Great Britain, and from Japan to Argentina.

Maybe some designs are not professional, but some ideas are born with strong passion and conviction. That’s the real value,” Medina further explains. “Some of the recurrent feelings of the people are disappointment about society. I think they feel oppressed and that’s why Revolutionart touches many subjects to free their thoughts about global issues. It’s great to give some control to change the ‘shallow world’ and impose ‘revolutionary’ concepts… make the people think from a new sight.”

Revolutionart magazine is available for download on their website here once every two months. They usually hold a theme for all the graphics displayed ranging from Politics (Issue #13) to Music, Peace and Love (Issue #5). Currently, the magazine boasts 70,000 subscribers to each edition, majority of which are Europeans and South Americans. The magazine charges nothing for advertisers who wish to put their ads in it, as long as they fit the artistic nature of the rest of the content. Converse, among many others, currently uses the revolutionary platform.

I’m impressed with the results and I love what Revolutionart is by now.

“There are many projects in the future for Revolutionart,” says Medina about the magazine’s future.We’re thinking to develop different brands to make design related services and products. Specially to create a world of imagination, perfect for dreamers.” He also admits that the magazine is open for major changes as long as the meaning of the revolution remains. “I think about myself as a re-builder or a transformer. If I sell Revolutionart, I could make a new one with the team (with more money), new brand, new face but with the same spirit. That spirit can’t be sold.”

Revolutionart’s next issue will be out by January of next year with the timely theme, Global Crisis. If you want to submit your graphic design work, your painting, your photograph, your band, yourself or anything you want to share under the idea Global Crisis, the deadline to make the January issue is on December 15, 2008. More information is available on their website here.

“Real changes are made of disruption, reconstruction, anarchy and self questioning. I’m working on that…” Nelson Medina have worked for corporate advertisers before and have searched for more inspiration. He is currently in Uruguay. “I’m impressed with the results and I love what Revolutionart is by now.”

Now be sure to download RevolutionArt’s current issue, Dreams, and continue reading my blog for more Rocket Powered Stuff from around the world!


“A Plague On Cinema Houses.”

Posted in My Views in Exile by Rocket Boy Gid on November 18, 2008

From the recent outbreak of digital movies in the Filipino film industry, I would say that “indie” (short for independent cinema) is slowly becoming a staple for the common Pinoy film fanatic’s appetite. Maybe they’ve just grown tired of the slapstick comedies and teenybopper romances that big film studios in the country produce almost every other month but whatever the reason is, independent cinema is getting tougher and tougher to ignore, not that we want to of course. So is “indie” the new mainstream?

Independent films are so named because they are produced independently by independent filmmakers with their own independent equipment and their own independent budgets. Independently, the growing population of independent film lovers are developing independent opinions about their independent passion. I think that’s enough independence. Yes, we are getting overwhelmed by their massive turnout every year but who can deny the bold and fresh styles of storytelling that’s just so different from the tired old garbage we get from the competition! Not to mention most of them are just soft porn in disguise.

The problem with crowd mentality is that Filipinos are so fond of it. Show them something witty and different and they’ll jump at it like politicians at money. Then everyone would want to be witty and different and when everyone is witty and different, everyone becomes the same. It’s the same thing with fads, that’s why I think they’re useless. We should learn from the independent philosophy. They’re trying to promote not jumping in on the old bandwagon. They’re trying to make a new bandwagon for themselves. It’s okay to be a fan, there’s no shame in admitting admiration but plain imitation is just pathetic and not really flattering. The sad thing is, I think independent filmmaking is becoming more and more of a fad and less of a super cool totally fresh new Filipino art movement. I mean, come on. Let me put it this way, will someone bet against me if I say that in the next twenty indie films that would come out, there wouldn’t be anything about a gay guy coming to age? Anyone?

The storytelling is different but the stories are slowly revealing a pattern like the Hollywood curse. They’re becoming predictable and I especially dislike going to the cinema and getting that all too familiar feeling like I think I’ve seen the movie before. I’m an ass and I don’t have faith in the new breed of independent filmmakers our culture is creating, so make your fantastic egos work and prove this ass wrong. How?

Surprise me.