Learning the Game: The Xia Dynasty (Part III)

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December 1963 BCE – Nu Wa confers her blessings upon Banpo.

39 winters have passed since the art of farming has graced us with better meals and sturdier clothes. Now, the people of Banpo grow restless. Crime and disease plague the streets and Liao Taizu is well aware of the problems. Meeting up with the village council, they have decided to call upon the Ancestors for help. 
They called upon Cai Yun, the village diviner, to pray and pay homages to the Creator Goddess, Nu Wa, who arrived in Banpo by December 1963 BCE.

The Goddess taught Liao Taizu music played on bamboo instruments and our leader opened Banpo’s very first Music School on the same month. Music now plays constantly on the Market Square as musicians perform songs taught to them by the Creator Goddess. 

Nu Wa also blessed clay pits and their clay was fashioned into beautiful ceramics in the kilns that Liao Taizu built. She blessed the Inspector’s Tower and showed the people a better way of building it. She also blessed the village’s Hunter’s Tents, making it so that the hunter’s arrows always find its prey.

Travelers from the East brought with them new knowledge about the many benefits of plants and herbs that abound in the woods near the village. They then opened a new Herbalist’s Stall in the village and provide herbal remedies to the many ailments of the citizens.