Learning the Game: The Xia Dynasty (Part III)

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December 1963 BCE – Nu Wa confers her blessings upon Banpo.

39 winters have passed since the art of farming has graced us with better meals and sturdier clothes. Now, the people of Banpo grow restless. Crime and disease plague the streets and Liao Taizu is well aware of the problems. Meeting up with the village council, they have decided to call upon the Ancestors for help. 
They called upon Cai Yun, the village diviner, to pray and pay homages to the Creator Goddess, Nu Wa, who arrived in Banpo by December 1963 BCE.

The Goddess taught Liao Taizu music played on bamboo instruments and our leader opened Banpo’s very first Music School on the same month. Music now plays constantly on the Market Square as musicians perform songs taught to them by the Creator Goddess. 

Nu Wa also blessed clay pits and their clay was fashioned into beautiful ceramics in the kilns that Liao Taizu built. She blessed the Inspector’s Tower and showed the people a better way of building it. She also blessed the village’s Hunter’s Tents, making it so that the hunter’s arrows always find its prey.

Travelers from the East brought with them new knowledge about the many benefits of plants and herbs that abound in the woods near the village. They then opened a new Herbalist’s Stall in the village and provide herbal remedies to the many ailments of the citizens.



Learning the Game: The Xia Dynasty (Part II)

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We’re back in ancient China, peeps for another episode of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom’s tutorial missions. This time we’re going to learn about how to farm for sustainability in a mission we’ll call “Seeds of Civilization.” Enjoy!

Welcome back to the village of Banpo!

Several generations have passed and the village that your people founded along the banks of the Wei River has prospered. There is a renewed sense of excitement in the town today. Word has just arrived of a nutritious new food source — millet. As a highly respected village elder, you are needed to plan the establishment of farms where millet can be grown to supplement the diet. Hemp farms can also be built. The fibres from the hemp plant have many uses, not the least of which is for durable garments.


Learning the Game: The Xia Dynasty (Part I)

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This is probably going to be like a walkthrough for the game and you can use it as that.

I made up a fictional Chinese name for myself in the game and it’s Liao Taizu and his zodiac animal is the Serpent.

Begin your journey into ancient China here, with these simple tutorial missions. It is here, in the time of the prehistoric Xia Dynasty, that our people first learned to work the land for sustenance and shelter. To prevent stumbles later, travel now down the path of the Xia. Listen closely, and learn all that our venerated ancestors have to teach us…

Follow Liao Taizu as he and his descendants witness the birth of the Middle Kingdom!

Hit the jump for detailed info.


Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

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Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

So recently, I’ve unearthed an old (from 2004) PC game of mine called “Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom” from Impression and Breakaway Games. It’s a city-building game similar to Sim City. I’ve played other city-building games before from the same companies and they’re really pretty awesome so I want to share this with you.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (Emperor:ROTMK) is set in ancient China. The histories are pretty accurate so you learn geeky bits from ancient Chinese history if, you know, you’re into that sort of stuff. Me? You bet I’m into that.

The game starts off at 2038 BCE during the very early beginning of the Xia Dynasty. These parts are the tutorial parts so I just breeze through them easily. The next few posts will be about my adventures at learning Chinese history! Let’s go!

P.S. If you want to check the game out, click here. It’s an old school game, so don’t expect too much on the graphics department but it’s still one of the best games ever!